In 2011 Manchester Art Gallery approached Manchester Metropolitan University Students to create a visual response to the Mary Greg collection.

Mary Greg collected mundane, every day objects and was especially interested in artisan crafts skills. Students were invited to have handling sessions with some of the vast collection. Letters were also available to read, the correspondence between William Batho, curator. One letter that caught my attention was from Mary on June 4th 1924, where she expressed her concern that she did not wish her items to be laid in boxes, being destroyed by the moths.

"I want to get them sent off but not to lie in boxes in some lumber room where the moths may destroy them."

This lead to my investigation of capturing paper qualities in a clay surface. Exploring decay, preservation and delicate nature of old letters, I used fine poured slip sheets to create moths and translucent wearables. A selection of my findings can be found in the Object Memory showcase within Manchester Art Gallery.


Mary Greg Collection, Manchester Art Gallery